Spring and Fall overnight hikes in Death Valley National Park.
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Welcome to the unofficial Death Valley Hiker page.  This site is for those that hike, explore, and enjoy the beauty of this national park.  Hope to provide information on past and upcoming hikes, photos, trip reports, articles of interest, desert poetry, and links to other sites.  This site will always be under construction, for that's how life is..

Desert Poetry
The T-shirts come in large and extra large only.  The color are rose, buff, goldenrod, and granite gray.  (color choice subject to availability).  The cost to non-members is $15.00.  This includes shipping and handling.  Please contact George at Grubstake@comcast.net for color and size availability.  
October Hike 2000
April Hike 2000
November Hike 2000
Death Valley Hiker Association
October Hike 2001
April Hike 2001
November Hike 2001
    The Desert Trail is an ambitious effort to define a cross-country hiking route from Mexico to Canada covering the desert areas of California, Nevada, Oregon Idaho, and Montana.  This route, unlike the more familiar Pacific Crest Trail, does not acually consist of a constructed trail but rather an established route which will be fully researched, prehiked and documented.  This makes for an exciting hiking experience over remote areas of seldom traveled wilderness while having a detailed guidebook to navigate along a continuous route with detailed descriptions, maps, and interesting information about the country.  The 175-mile portion of the Desert Trail that runs south to north through Death Valley enters at Greenwater Valley and exists through Cucomungo Canyon at the Nevada border.  Between these points the route covers Greenwater Valley, Death Valley, the canyons and higher areas of the Cottonwood Mountains and the Last Chance Range.  The route is presented in eight sections which can be hiked separately or in series depending on available time and interest.  Starting and ending points of each section, as well as suggested water cache locations are clearly described and are accessible by vehicle, not usually requiring a four wheel drive (4WD).  For information regarding other connecting sections to the Death Valley region or other sections of the Desert Trail, contact the Desert Trail Association or the Death Valley Hiker Association.  If you would like to purchase this book please contact; George Huxtable at  Grubstake@comcast.net
April Hike 2002
November Hike 2002
March Hike 2003

    In an attempt to find ways to pay for the up-keep of this site we now offer our DVHA patch.  Be the first kid on the block, or not.  It measures three inches and has seven colors.  Why white you ask.  How better to show the dirt, dust, and abuse that you will put it though.  If you would like to purchase one please contact me at:             desertrat48@hotmail.com 
November Hike 2003
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April Hike 2004
George Huxtable's interview with Bob "Drycamp" Greenawalt

November Hike 2004

March Hike 2005

November Hike 2005
April Hike 2006.
                                      The Desert Trail                   
Hiking the Desert Trail from the Mexican Border to Canada

November Hike 2006

Section A Jucumba, on the Mexican Border to Bow Willow Campground 2002
Sections B, C, and D, Bow Willow Campground to Avenue 86, Spring 2003
Sections L, M, N and O, Kelso Dunes to Halloran Summit Spring 2006
Sections I, J, and K, Sheep Hole Valley to
Kelso Dunes, Spring 2005
April Hike 2007
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November Hike 2007
Sections E, F, G, H, Avenue 86 to Highway 10 Spring 2004
Sections P, Q, R, Halloran Springs to Miller Springs, Death Valley National Park, Spring 2007 .

March Hike 2008

Just another shameless article offered by this website.  It is a desert cap with the DVHA patch professional sewn onto this light weight semi cool ball cap.  Saline Valley bats, second place ribbon from 2000 Death Valley 49ers Encampment Photo Show, and Inyo County sign of so called Furnace Creek Wash Road not included.  Cost to you is $12.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.  If you would like a clean one please email me at:  desertrat48@hotmail.com


November Hike 2008
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November Hike 2009.
April Hike 2010
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