April 2000 Hike
The gangs all here....   The group car shuttled from Eureka Valley Dunes earlier on this beuatiful saturday morning, meeting in the upper end of Marble Canyon to start the hike.   
Only a short distance down the canyon, and low and behold a desert retreat.  This land was previously BLM land but now is just inside the Northwest boundary of the park.  
Entering the narrows of Marble Canyon.  One of the many things that I love about the desert, the stark openess.  No trees or bushes to hide its naked beauty.
Lunchbreak, Half way down Marble Canyon. Time to enjoy the warmth of the desert in April.
This was our view coming out of Marble Canyon.   The Marble Canyon Dunes are on the left, with winds coming out of the north blowing the sand up the ridge to the right.  There is a small dune forming on the ridge.  We camped overnight on the otherside of the dunes at the base of the knotch.  The dunes are about 160 feet high, what they lack in height is more than made up for in their remote beauty.
How anything can grow on the side of a dune is beyond me.     This gathering of flora is 120 feet up the side of the dune.   
When I first spotted this horned lizard all that was visiable was the last inch of his tail.  Thinking it was a small seashell I tried to pick it up.  Sand flew everywhere as the lizard made a speedy run for safety.  Found it fifty feet away and took this picture that did not do it justice.  It had brillant red boardering around its midsection and reddish-pink cheeks.   The fauna is harder to find, but its there.  One on the hikers found two small scorpions beside his bedroll the next morning.    
The sunday afternoon walk across the Eureka Valley dry lake.  The morning sunlight faded to gray overcast skies as the afternoon closed.  We car shuttled back to our starting point and the rest of the vehicles.  The hike was very moderate and a total distance of about 17 miles.  The car shuttle was about 32 miles.....