One of my favorite spots traveling the Big Pine road into Death Valley.  Beautiful fall day, Oct. 6th on my way to meet Peter and Grubstake for a weekend hike into the upper reaches of Dry Bone Canyon and Big Horn Gorge.  Checked the tempature on the engine block at this mechanical graveyard and it measured 107 degrees.  

Peter and Grubstake climbing out of Big Horn Gorge,  Sunday afternoon the 8th of October. 
One of the many petroglyphs in Dry Bone Canyon.  We saw many signs or the desert big horn sheep, scat, some bedding spots smoothed out in the gravel. but no actual sightings.  This canyon offers many questions and few answers from the past.  
A closeup shot.   Was this an indian hunting ground or just a favorite spot to give thanks to this elusive creature.
Michel Digonnet, the author of Hiking Death Valley mentions sighting numerous bleached bones and skulls in the canyon.  He found three ram skulls with almost fully curved horns, that he judged to be about six years old.  Grubstake spotted this great specimen on a large boulder. Was this indeed  a secret place where the bighorns come to die.  The name of the canyon says it all.  Dry Bone.  
Two of the many rockfalls in Dry Bone Canyon
This is the 800 foot ravine that we had to look forward to in late afternoon.  This is the route to take in order to get around the large rock fall at the top of Dry Bone Canyon.  Luck was with us and in late afternoon the sun was going down over the ridge.  Even so the rocks gave off there collected heat as we scrambled up the loose talus to the top.
Grubstake checking the map at the top of the ravine.  Peter and I were regaining our breath and replacing lost fluids.
Grubstake making the Sunday afternoon climb out of Big Horn Gorge.
The 60 foot rock fall at the upper reaches of Big Horn Gorge.  Grubstake taking a picture of Peter, while Don takes a picture down from the top.  
Peter walking into the inviting entrance to the upper part of Big Horn Gorge.                     
The Lost Burro Mine, located in the northwest corner of Hidden Valley.  Discovered in 1907 by Bert Shively while rounding up his burros.  The mine was one of the richest one in the Ubehebe Mining District.  The mine was worked on until the l970's
Flowering Pagoda Buckwheat
Fall flowering Rabbit Brush in Big Horn Gorge
October 2000 Hike