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Rattlesnake on the trail out of McElvoy Canyon, on the eastern slopes of the Inyo mountains.  Its was a very hot afternoon and he was looking for shade and trying to get his body off the ground.  The snake almost blended in too good. 
Yes even out in the middle of nowhere you'll find one.  The flag fit in perfectly with the frame work of arroweed and mesquite branches.
Now that you've traveled that far I hope you enjoy it.  Spring 1998, all of the western deserts were in full bloom.  In Death Valley it was called "A Hundred Year Bloom".   This photo was taken across the road from Harmony Borax Works, with the Funeral Mountains in the background.  Some say the 2005 bloom was better, but not me.  Just more hype in 2005.             
Keep going its only another mile...
US Borax Twenty Mule Team, back in the valley  during the 50th Golden Anniversary of the Death Valley 49ers Encampment, 1999.
Lost Death Valley Hiker, somewhere in Bureaucrat Canyon
Desert bloom at the Eureka Valley Dunes, Desert sunflowers and Eureka Valley Evening Primrose.
Grubstake in the narrows of Marble Canyon
Old entrance marker on the Lippencott Road
Part of the festivities of the Death Valley 49er Encampment is the wagon train.  Early morning pictures of the Best of Show.  Wagon dated 1864.   
One of my favorite walks around sunset is Golden Canyon.  Made several attempts to catch that golden hue. 
Manly Beacon, named after William Lewis Manly.
Slow movers in Death Valley, burros in Saline Valley, hiker in Death Valley Wash, trantula in       Mosaic Canyon.
The story of Henry the desert chicken.  Each spring for many years, my outlaw brother-in-law, Steve and I would camp at the Furnace Creek Campground.  We would always tent at site number 22.  Every morning like clockwork this desert chicken would visit us around breakfast time.  As you can see he was not camera shy.  He would come in and find a sunny spot to bathe in warmth in the early morning sun.  We noticed that his travel path was the same and each time he headed back to his secret hiding spot with a dragonfly, or lizard in his beak.  Well two golfers waiting for their tee time have nothing better to do than track down an elusive desert chicken.  It took half the morning to find his Nest.  After crawling through the mesquite and sharp underbrush we came upon the nest with two chicks in it.  Upon our discovery, we've had to make a small change to our morning ritual, by saying goodmorning to Henrietta, the desert chicken.   
Vicky enjoying the warm sunshine at a remote natural hot springs
Nope its not Death Valley.   Early morning sunrise taken on the Desert Trail, many miles north of Bow Willow Campground.  To view more pictures of the Desert Trail go to links page and click on The Desert Trail Photo Album......
The old entrance sign to Death Valley National Monument.